Building a Custom Home? What to Do BEFORE You Break Ground

Building a custom home from the ground up is one of the most rewarding experiences for a homeowner, but it’s also one of the most challenging. There are so many elements that go into a custom home building process that it’s easy to overlook a few important steps.

For example, it’s a natural step for homeowners to collaborate with their builders and architects before breaking ground. But interior design is sometimes only addressed after the framework has already been solidified – which means that instead of having a blank canvas to design your ideal living space, you now have physical limitations on your interior design because:

  1. The walls are already up, which means there are clearly defined room sizes.
  2. The architectural details are already established, which can limit the design style you select for your new home.
  3. The windows are already installed, which plays an important factor in furniture layout.

On the other hand, meeting with your interior designer before you break ground with your homebuilder can create unlimited design potential. By collaborating with your designer, you are able to truly customize the space and ultimately create a more unique home because you can:

  • Add the perfect architectural details to complement your interior design style.
  • Precisely install windows so that each piece of furniture is expertly arranged.
  • Design the space and layout of each and every room of the house so that your vision can accurately come to life.

At Jorge Castillo Designs, we often collaborate with architects and homebuilders on custom home projects from scratch. And every time, our clients tell us how liberating it is to be able to design the space before permanent elements of the home are put into place. The end result is a completely customized experience that allows our clients to achieve their dream home.

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