Inspiration and Interior Design

In a creative field, inspiration can come from anywhere, a walk in the park, a conversation with a close friend or that perfect piece of fabric for sale at the yard sale down the street. For Miami Beach interior designer Jorge Castillo, inspiration often comes from his clients, the very people who will be living in the masterpieces he creates.

Inspiration in Color

Color inspiration doesn’t come from a “favorite” color or color pallet. For an experienced interior designer, color inspiration comes from the client’s personalities, how they dress and how they carry themselves. Color inspiration also comes from the home’s surroundings. The view from a window can and should affect the design of the room. If the view is a beautiful city scape or bubbling creek, muted colors that draw attention to the view may be appropriate. On the other hand, if the window looks straight across an alley to a brick wall, drawing attention away from the window and into the room may be the goal

Inspiration in Personal Taste

Client’s often mention to us that they love a particular type of stone and want to use it in the floor of their home or they hate carpeting and want to avoid it at all costs. Taking our cues from our clients we can provide design that compliments your personal tastes and avoids the items you dislike or show you a new way to appreciate them.

Much of Mr. Castillo’s success can be attributed to his natural eye for design, his responsiveness to his client’s desires and his belief that walls, floors and ceilings do not have to be adorned with art but can be at themselves. Working with the client’s tastes, incorporating the design of the home and its exterior surroundings, a talented Miami interior designer is able to provide beautiful, functional design in any space.

Inspiration where you live

As more and more people choose to stay in the homes they currently live in, working with the space they have and the homeowners’ personalities and tastes are extremely important. Selecting the right interior design company in Miami can allow the home owner to improve their quality of life by incorporating beautiful design elements, high quality materials and surprising personal touches.

Inspiration is truly everywhere and interior designers believe it is just a matter of seeing it and knowing what to do with it.

Choosing to Stay Put

As the economy continues to change, more and more homeowners are choosing to make the most out of what they already have. At Jorge Castillo Design, Inc. (JCD) we understand the frustration that can come from working within the physical constraints of a home you already live in. On the other hand, there is little we enjoy more than seeing a homeowner falling in love with their home for a second time after he or she once thought they needed to move to get the luxury, design and style they so desperately wanted.

Luxury Interior Designers Can Work With Any Space

As one of the premier interior design companies in Miami, Mr. Castillo’s work was recently featured at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens Designer’s Show and the room he created perfectly demonstrates how working with the high quality materials and a design that compliments the available space, can make any room magnificent.

Jorge - Choosing to Stay PutWorking with an interesting sized space in the Botanical Gardens JCD really showed what could be accomplished when you pay attention to the space you are working in. In a long and relatively narrow space the contrast between the scale of the table and the almost invisible nature of the Lucite dining chairs takes the room from interesting to breathtaking.

Reimagine Your Space with an Interior Designer from Miami Beach

If you are frustrated with the design of your current home but it meets your other needs (location, climate and proximity to your day to day activities), it may be time to have a new set of eyes take a look at the space. If your kitchen is making you crazy or your room doesn’t have enough light, there are plenty of changes that can be made to help you love your home. Windows can be expanded, appliances replaced and relocated and finishes can be upgraded. The options are truly limitless.

We encourage you to consider working with an interior design company in Miami before you decide to move in search of your dream home. Mr. Castillo takes great pride in showing his clients the potential in their current space and can help you turn your current home into your dream home.

The Most Important Design Element

What do you think is the important element of interior design? Is it color? Furnishings? Accessories? Think again.

It’s lighting.

Lighting is more than just a way to illuminate dark spaces. It’s an element of design that is subtle, yet very powerful.

How Lighting Affects Design
Lighting alone has the ability to define spaces within an open floor plan and highlight the focal point of a room design, like the brush strokes of a painting. Of course it also plays an important role in highlighting art and accessories, and it can dramatically change the mood in a room with the flip of a switch. Literally. It’s also been said that lighting conditions can have an enormous emotional impact on people. Hence the term “mood lighting.”

What to Consider for Lighting Design
There are many components of effective lighting to consider when it comes to design. One must consider not just where the lighting should be placed, but what type of lighting to use, how it interacts with natural light, and how it will harmonize with the textures and finishes of the furnishings and accessories. Different surface finishes reflect light in a different way—which can completely change the overall look and feel of the room. And one must not forget that in addition to aesthetic purposes, lighting must also be functional for whatever space it’s applied to.

Turning the Average into the Extraordinary
Lighting is an important ingredient that can turn the average into the extraordinary. But when your interior environments consider lighting design, your lighting will hardly be noticed. It will work silently in the background, allowing you and your guests to feel at ease in your environments and appreciate all of the components of your interior design.

Building a Custom Home? What to Do BEFORE You Break Ground

Building a custom home from the ground up is one of the most rewarding experiences for a homeowner, but it’s also one of the most challenging. There are so many elements that go into a custom home building process that it’s easy to overlook a few important steps.

For example, it’s a natural step for homeowners to collaborate with their builders and architects before breaking ground. But interior design is sometimes only addressed after the framework has already been solidified – which means that instead of having a blank canvas to design your ideal living space, you now have physical limitations on your interior design because:

  1. The walls are already up, which means there are clearly defined room sizes.
  2. The architectural details are already established, which can limit the design style you select for your new home.
  3. The windows are already installed, which plays an important factor in furniture layout.

On the other hand, meeting with your interior designer before you break ground with your homebuilder can create unlimited design potential. By collaborating with your designer, you are able to truly customize the space and ultimately create a more unique home because you can:

  • Add the perfect architectural details to complement your interior design style.
  • Precisely install windows so that each piece of furniture is expertly arranged.
  • Design the space and layout of each and every room of the house so that your vision can accurately come to life.

At Jorge Castillo Designs, we often collaborate with architects and homebuilders on custom home projects from scratch. And every time, our clients tell us how liberating it is to be able to design the space before permanent elements of the home are put into place. The end result is a completely customized experience that allows our clients to achieve their dream home.